Evan Gross

Paul Warren is an awesome realtor and helped me get a property that required delicate negotiation, finding a new lender mid-deal, and closing in a timely manner. I can honestly say that I would not have gotten this property if it wasn’t for his hard work, tenacity, creativity, and “we’re gonna get this property” attitude. I’ve worked with other realtors who would have given up when faced with the issues we came across but Paul pushes through. He eats obstacles for breakfast like they’re delicious frosted flakes. We got under contract with the seller but rent-appraisal came back low and I had to find a new lender ASAP. Within 24 hours we had a new lender, a different type of loan that worked just as well, and with some negotiation, we were able to close the deal. Paul was excellent in his knowledge of multifamily properties in the Portland metro area and I full-heartedly recommend him to anyone that wants an outstanding agent.

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