• The Kenton neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, is a charming and historic area known for its small-town feel, community spirit, and local businesses. Here’s some information about the neighborhood:

  • Location: Kenton is situated in the North/Northeast quadrant of Portland. It’s bordered by N. Interstate Avenue to the west, N. Denver Avenue to the east, N. Columbia Boulevard to the north, and N. Kilpatrick Street to the south.
  • Character: Kenton is known for its strong sense of community and historic charm. The neighborhood has seen revitalization efforts in recent years, which have brought new life to its main commercial area.
  • Historic Kenton: Kenton has a rich history, and its focal point is the iconic Paul Bunyan statue, which stands at the intersection of N. Denver Avenue and N. Interstate Avenue. This statue has become a symbol of the neighborhood.
  • Local Businesses and Shops: N. Denver Avenue is the main commercial street in Kenton and is home to various local shops, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. The street has retained a sense of local character and avoids the heavy commercialization found in some other parts of the city.
  • Kenton Farmers Market: The Kenton neighborhood hosts its own farmers market during the summer months. This market offers fresh produce, artisanal foods, crafts, and more, providing a platform for local vendors to connect with the community.
  • Community Engagement: The Kenton neighborhood is known for its active and engaged community. Residents often come together for events, clean-up efforts, and other neighborhood initiatives. The Kenton Neighborhood Association plays a role in coordinating these efforts and providing a platform for community discussions.
  • Residential Life: Kenton has a mix of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and duplexes. The area has become popular with families and individuals seeking a more laid-back atmosphere while still being close to the city’s amenities.
  • Transportation: The neighborhood is well-connected by public transportation, including bus lines and the MAX Yellow Line, which runs along N. Interstate Avenue. Biking is also a viable mode of transportation in Kenton, and the area features bike-friendly routes.
  • Parks and Recreation: Kenton Park is a notable green space in the neighborhood, offering a playground, picnic areas, and open spaces for relaxation and outdoor activities.
  • Kenton Street Fair: The annual Kenton Street Fair is a popular event that showcases local vendors, live music, food, and community activities. It’s a celebration of the neighborhood’s culture and community spirit.Overall, the Kenton neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, historic character, and efforts to maintain a strong sense of community. Please note that my information is accurate up until September 2021, so there might have been developments or changes in the neighborhood since then.
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